The 24th Annual Structural Symposium
(May 4, 2019)


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Cryo-EM Data Processing Workshop
(May 6-9, 2019)

Past Symposia

The 24th Annual Structural Biology Symposium

Date: May 4, 2019
Location: Levin Hall on the UTMB campus

Immediately following the annual symposium, we will host a 4-day satellite Cryo-EM Data Processing Workshop (May 6-9, 2019), focusing on EMAN2, SPHIRE, CHIMERA, COOT and PHENIX.

Annual Structural Biology Symposium Graphic

Each year, the SCSB hosts a symposium to highlight current research. The invited speakers are world renowned leaders in their fields of research. This is a marvelous opportunity for SCSB researchers and students to meet outstanding researchers in structural biology and its many associated fields of research. The program also includes a poster session and several social events to allow formal and informal discussion with the speakers and other symposium participants.