Title Organizer
Analytical Chemistry Simon Bott; sbott@Central.UH.EDU
Inorganic Chemistry Simon Bott; sbott@Central.UH.EDU
Organic Chemistry Simon Bott; sbott@Central.UH.EDU
Physical Chemistry Simon Bott; sbott@Central.UH.EDU
Recent Advances in Undergrad Chemical Education Simon Bott; sbott@Central.UH.EDU
Undergraduate Symposium Simon Bott; sbott@Central.UH.EDU


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General Poster Session Simon Bott; sbott@Central.UH.EDU
Undergraduate Poster Session Simon Bott; sbott@Central.UH.EDU


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Aggregation of Biological Molecules Peter Vekilov; pgvekilo@Central.UH.EDU
Applications of Photonics in Energy and the Life Sciences Isabell Thomann;
Volker Schweikhard;
Bioinorganic Chemistry Angel Marti;
Loi Do; lhdo@Central.UH.EDU
Biological Mass Spectrometry Bill Russel; wirussel@UTMB.EDU
Biomolecular NMR Spectroscopy Junji Iwahara;
Bridging the Gap: The Role of Industrial-Academic Partnerships in Identifying New Research Directions and Driving Innovation Adam Colson;
Bill Heath;
Carbon Nanotechnology Alberto Pimpinelli;
Chemical and Biological Processes Regulating Transport of Pollutants in the Gulf of Mexico and Its Estuaries Peter Santschi;
Chemistry and Law Valerie Moore;
Colloidal and Surface Phenomena Lisa Biswal;
Jacinta Conrad;
Computational Drug Design and Screening James Briggs;
Cryo Electron Microscopy Wah Chiu;
Frontiers of Organic Synthesis Catherine Faler;
Functional Nuclei Acids in Honor of David Gorenstein's Retirement Varatharasa Thiviyanathan;
Functional Polymers Nicolay Tsarevsky;
Mihaela C. Stefan;
Joe Hightower Symposium Maime Moy;
Making the Transition Between Two-Year and Four-year Colleges: In Recognition of the 2015 U.S. Professor of the Year, Amina Khalifa El-Ashmawy Simon Bott; sbott@Central.UH.EDU
Molecular Probes for Biomedicinal Chemistry Kevin Burgess;
Noncovalent Bonding in Biological Systems Shoujun Xu; sxu7@Central.UH.EDU
Non-equilibrium Processes in Chemistry, Physics, and Biology Vas Lubchenko;
Nucleic Acids: Structure to Function Lynn Zechiedrich;
Organic Inorganic Hybrid Materials Arnold Guloy;
Petroleum Thermodynamics and Flow Assurance Paco Vargas;
Physical Chemistry for Energy and Medicine Research Andriy Kovalenko;
Protein Structure, Dynamics and Function George Phillips;
Southwest Theoretical and Computational Chemistry Danny Yeager;
Structures of Signaling Proteins Betsy Goldsmith;
Supramolecular Chemistry Jeff Hartgerink;
Synthetic Biology Joff Silberg;
Unraveling the Photophysics in Organic Photovoltics Eric Bittner; ebittner@Central.UH.EDU