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Educational Outreach

Our group actively participates in educational outreach activities for high school students.

  1. Summer research program for high school students
  2. So far, 12 high school students have conducted summer research under our guidance. We let them take part in our interdisciplinary research under supervision of the lab members. It is our pleasure to see motivated high school students do well in the summer research despite their lack of experience. In fact, two of the high school students even obtained a co-authorship of our publications. High school students who are interested should contact Prof. Iwahara in January or February for information on how to apply for the summer research opportunity. 

  3. Tour of the NMR facility for high school students
  4. In the past, our group gave tours of the UTMB's NMR facilities to high school students participating in STEM activities in conjunction with UTMB's Office of Educational Outreach. The huge magnets for biological investigations at the molecular and atomic levels are at least intriguing. In the tours, we explained NMR fundamentals, demonstrated a simple NMR experiment, introduced our research, and answered questions from the high school students. Our hope is that the demonstration could help propel high school students' interests in interdisciplinary science and encourage them to pursue it in the future.