Employment Opportunities in SCSB

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Postdoctoral Fellow Positions

Postdoc position openings in these research groups:

  • Prof. B. M. Pettitt
  • A Postdoctoral position in computational biophysics is available in Dr. B. M. Pettitt's laboratory at the University of Texas Medical Branch. The postdoctoral fellow will use theoretical and computational techniques to investigate the behavior of biomolecules in complex fluids (for more details and relevant publications see Pettitt Lab) Scientists who will complete their PhD program by the agreed upon start date or have obtained their PhD in the last 3 years are eligible for this position.

    Interested parties should contact Dr. B. M. Pettitt via e-mail at mpettitt@utmb.edu.

  • Prof. K. H. Choi
  • Postdoctoral positions in structural biology are available in Dr. Kay Choi's laboratory at the University of Texas Medical Branch to participate in NIH-funded projects. We use a combination of X-ray crystallography, cryo-electron microscopy, and biochemistry to investigate the structure and mechanism of viral macromolecular complexes. Experience in either X-ray crystallography or cryo-electron microscopy is required.

    The X-ray crystallography resources include two X-ray area detector systems, a Phoenix crystallization robot, a Minstrel crystal imaging robot, and an Alchemist liquid handling robot. The cryo-EM facility includes two JOEL 200 keV cryo-EM microscopes for high-resolution imaging work, an FEI vitrobot, and a BSL-3 room for viral and pathogen work.

    Interested parties should send a CV, a brief statement of research interests, and a list of 2-3 references to Dr. Kay Choi via e-mail at kychoi@utmb.edu.

  • Positions are available at the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) located in the greater Houston area in the research team of Dr. Gabrielle Rudenko.

Pre- and Postdoc Positions